Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Setting the bar high for 2013

For lazy, that is.  I'm frequently asked, "Do you ever stop"?..."Where do you find the time"?...and "How do you come up with this stuff"?  Answers: Occasionally, bedtime, and Pinterest.  Today is the exception.  Why today?  I'm not sure.  Maybe because it's a holiday that doesn't involve any kind of "celebrating", maybe it's because I'm on day 4 of a 24 day diet, maybe it's because I'm the only adult in the house & I can be lazy to any extreme that I feel necessary.  Don't get me wrong...my lazy only goes so far (it's pretty far)...but I'm not looking to make any trips to the ER (that would disturb my lazy...& it's expensive).

So, today I have STOPPED.  I'm being lazy.  I'm blogging from my laptop, on the couch, in sweats, hair in a towel from the shower I took an hour ago.  Your welcome for the visual.  How did I manage to STOP with 2 small children in the house...child slavery.  Yep, I said it.  Quit rolling your eyes.  Anyone who has children does it, or had children did it.  You call it "chores" or "helping out".  I made a game of it.  It's called "Gracie is mommy today".  It's derived from the games "Lets see who can clean their room fastest", "Who can take a nap the longest", and the most common, "Who can be quiet the longest".

1st task...get Jake out of the bath, diapered, & dressed.  Ok, I helped with the bathing (remember the ER avoidance)...but the rest was on her.  She went for the PullUp (normally he sports a diaper, but PullUps are easier to put on) nice call.  Dressing was accomplished, as long as we don't leave the house (which would most definitely land us in the ER being that Gracie probably can't see over the steering wheel in my car).  He's rocking his Toy Story jammie bottoms & Buddy Walk t shirt.  A+ for effort.  He's been dressed in worse!

2nd task...breakfast.  She went with what she knows...peanut butter toast.  Yes, I allowed her to use the toaster.  As any good parent would, I supervised...from the couch.  She rocked it.  She was happy, He was happy, mission accomplished.  I did do med duty (no ER today rule).  Oh and because she is "mommy" today she even made me breakfast.  A tasty protein shake. 

Playtime.  Jake has a movie going & is destroying the playroom as I type.  Gracie & the neighbor girl are coloring.  Like any good mommy, she is having a little "me time".  She has noticed that Jake is in destruct-o mode, but calmly said, "I'll get that later".  That's my girl. 

I just informed her that she may need to start thinking about lunch because Jake will need a nap in about a hour.  "What do you think you are going to make" I asked, trying to determine if I actually have to get off the couch.  BTW, I have a "no CPS rule" too.  Which means the kids have to eat.  "Mom, I don't know how to cook...I can't roast anything".  True that.  Thank God my laziness seeps out at other times because I just happen to have Crustable PB&J sandwiches in the freezer.  Pop them out & they are good to go in about a half hour.  I'm also teaching her time management!  But she's insisting on Spaghetti O's.  Can opener...microwave...potential ER visit...darn.  Guess I better get on that. 

It's only noon, but I'm guessing the rest of the day will go something like this...
-Family nap time (remember our game of who can take the longest nap)
-RedBox return & new rental (yes, I'll drive...geesh)
-Pizza for dinner (that someone else will make & deliver)...& there is a good chance that we will have a "picnic" in the playroom so that we don't even have to get up from our movie marathon. 

Happy Jan1, 2013!!