Monday, February 18, 2013

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

To all my fellow peeps of the 90's...your welcome (

Tomorrow I am going to meet with a group of fab ladies to talk about Glitz & Glam, DSAMC, and give them a little glimpse of Jake's "story". I am not a public any way, shape, or form. But I'm going to pretend. Wish me luck. I was trying to figure out how to jump right in & it hit me...I'm going to start by reading Welcome To Holland.

I jumped into my word docs, pulled it up, and printed it out. I started to read...I ALMOST made it thru without crying...almost. Keep in mind, I have read it a million times. I could probably recite it. I still cry. It's beyond perfect. I wipe away the "I'm not alone" tears & move on to what am I going to talk about after I'm done crying tomorrow night in front of 20 ladies.

I've got it all figured out (ya right), got my little cheat sheet printed out...I'm ready to go. I look up & can't help but smile. On my kitchen table sits a little vase with 6 little tulips. I fell in love with tulips 10 years ago while I was planning my wedding. They are simple, pretty, and perfect. Not expensive, or flashy. I just love them. I REALLY wanted a huge bouquet of white tulips for my wedding...but that didn't happen. They are a spring flower & I had an early fall wedding.

I'm sitting on the couch content that tomorrow is going to go great, & a whirlwind of connection hit me. Starting my new life with the love of my life & having an intense need for tulips in my hand/ Welcome To Holland / Jake/ Tulips on my kitchen table making me smile.

I am happy.

I have a beautiful family.

I love and am loved in return.

Life is good.

Stop & smell the tulips my friends!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Conversations with a 7 year old

I know every parents has these days...but for some reason to days conversations with Gracie has me giggling.  It started off with...

Me: Gracie, you need to go thru your dirty jeans pockets

Gracie: Why

Me: Because I think you left your manners in your pockets...go find them please.

I get a cross eyed look from her, but she stomps off to her room & comes back a few minutes later with her dirty cloths & puts them in the laundry room!!  BONUS, I got her to do a little laundry too...wasn't even looking for that outcome!

Gracie:Okay mom...I have my please & thank you's
Me: Oh good
 A little later on at lunch, she hops out of her chair & starts to walk away.
Me: Hey Ms Lu...what are you doing?
Gracie: I'm done, going to go play now.
Me: STOP...check your pockets...come back & sit down & try again
Eyes rolling, feet dragging...plop in her chair.
Gracie: Mom, may I please be done?
Me: No, 3 more bites (I don't even's the go to answer every time)
Me: Thank you Lu, now put your dishes in the sink please.

A little later I hear her headed out the front door...
Me: Hey...what are you doing?
Gracie: Going next door
Me: How about a "hey mom, can I go next door" before you just jet out.
Gracie: Ok, sorry.

10 seconds later she comes busting thru the house right to the bathroom.  She means BUSINESS!!  After a few minutes she peeks her head out the door and says, "Mom, I went poop...can I flush the toilet"?
Me: Gracie, that is a question that you never ever ever ever ever have to just do it.  As a matter of fact...if it's real a courtesy flush!
Gracie: what's that?
Me: We will call daddy in the morning & he can explain...he's the expert in the family!!