Monday, February 11, 2013

Conversations with a 7 year old

I know every parents has these days...but for some reason to days conversations with Gracie has me giggling.  It started off with...

Me: Gracie, you need to go thru your dirty jeans pockets

Gracie: Why

Me: Because I think you left your manners in your pockets...go find them please.

I get a cross eyed look from her, but she stomps off to her room & comes back a few minutes later with her dirty cloths & puts them in the laundry room!!  BONUS, I got her to do a little laundry too...wasn't even looking for that outcome!

Gracie:Okay mom...I have my please & thank you's
Me: Oh good
 A little later on at lunch, she hops out of her chair & starts to walk away.
Me: Hey Ms Lu...what are you doing?
Gracie: I'm done, going to go play now.
Me: STOP...check your pockets...come back & sit down & try again
Eyes rolling, feet dragging...plop in her chair.
Gracie: Mom, may I please be done?
Me: No, 3 more bites (I don't even's the go to answer every time)
Me: Thank you Lu, now put your dishes in the sink please.

A little later I hear her headed out the front door...
Me: Hey...what are you doing?
Gracie: Going next door
Me: How about a "hey mom, can I go next door" before you just jet out.
Gracie: Ok, sorry.

10 seconds later she comes busting thru the house right to the bathroom.  She means BUSINESS!!  After a few minutes she peeks her head out the door and says, "Mom, I went poop...can I flush the toilet"?
Me: Gracie, that is a question that you never ever ever ever ever have to just do it.  As a matter of fact...if it's real a courtesy flush!
Gracie: what's that?
Me: We will call daddy in the morning & he can explain...he's the expert in the family!!