Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It starts already?

Ms Gracie (4) started pre school this year. What a HUGE transformation that has made! Although I'm a little concerned about the fact that she finds me embarrassing already! At 4! Gracie's school has a drive up lane to drop the kids off. Pull up to her class room, the teacher opens the door, the kid jumps out, you move on. Great! For the first few months I enjoyed walking her into her class room and watching her put away her coat & bag, find her name tag, and start her entry task...as do many other parents. Ms Gracie decided about 2 months after school started that she no longer wanted me to do this, she just wants me to drop her off. I thought it was cute the first few times, but I enjoy going into her class. She would not have that. Before we even turn onto the street her school is on, she starts begging me to drop her off and stay in the car! What's that about? I usually give in, drop and leave but every once in a while I make up an excuse to get in that little class room!

So Sunday afternoon, I discovered I am not only embarrassing to her friends and teachers, I am also embarrassing to her imaginary friends! You know, the ones only she can see and talk to!! How does that happen?! She had been wondering around for about an hour talking to her friends (imaginary), showing them how she plays with toys, where the bathroom is...you know, that kind of stuff. So after listening to her talk to her friends for awhile, I asked her who she was talking to. I promptly got a " m...o...m" all long and drawn out, "my friends" she said. I asked her what their names were. Again head down voice low so they would not hear, "Shark boy and Lava girl" (she had just watched the movie). I then asked where exactly they were, she put her head down and pointed over her shoulder and gave me the DAHH look. I giggled and told her to have fun. Off she went to her room, and was quick to close her door behind her so that I could not embarrass her any more! Please tell me there is someone else out there that embarrasses their kids imaginary friends!

I'll get back to posting more of Jake's story tonight!


Carrie Garcia said...

This is so freakin' funny! This is totally her! I love that little kiddo! She just makes me giggle....gotta love it!;) Just think Julie these r stories U can embarrass her w/when her boyfriend or someday husband comes along! Hm, can u say paybacks?!?lol