Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here we go...

Hold on tight...I've got more pics of what we have been up to, than I know what to do with!! I'll start with Gracie's birthday party! My sweet little girl turned 5 on June 22nd. We had her birthday "Garden Tea Party" on June 19th before we left on vacation. Here are a few pics!!

Gracie's beautiful Garden Tea Party Tent! The pictures don't do it justice! All of the poms sparkled, the butterflies & dragonflies added the perfect touch.
Each place setting had a personalized tea cup and saucer, a beautiful headband, and a pretty little napkin!
The "goodie pots" were my favorite! Each pot had a packet of flower seeds in it, a few treats, some flower bracelets, little note pads, and a flower garden marker! They were so cute & the kids loved them!
The food was amazing too. We had flower shaped PB&J, rainbow goldfish crackers, and fruit kabobs with the fruit cut out into flower shapes. We finished it off with strawberry lemonade!
Ms Gracie wanted cupcakes for her birthday...what the birthday girls wants, the birthday girl gets!! I made these cute little lolly pop looking things that say "Gracie is 5" So cute!
She felt so special, on her special day...
And she had lots of fun!
Thank you so much Kendall, Lexi, Roman, Anna, & Mia for making Gracie's birthday so special! She was so happy you all came to share the day with her!!


Carrie said...

Such cute pictures! We had so much fun!:)

Liz said...

Gracie's garden birthday party looked amazing! All the details were so pretty and creative! :)

Candice said...

Looks like you went all out for her special day!! Happy birthday Gracie!