Friday, September 24, 2010

My baby is 2!

Well, almost 2! He will be tomorrow. But tomorrow is jam packed full of happy goodness. Odd, just typing the title..."My baby is 2" chokes me up! I LOVE IT! The best feeling ever! There were times (too many of them) that we thought we would never see his 1st birthday...and now here we are celebrating his 2nd! He is so healthy, and happy, and full of energy, and into everything. He is such a typical 2 year old! In the last 2 years he has been to the ER 7 times. Flown to Seattle Children's 3 times. Had 4 surgeries. Those days are BEHIND us now! Audios, see ya...well NEVER AGAIN!! He's a giggly little boy with a mouth full of teeth! He grunts like a little caveman when he wants something, and squawks as loud as he can when he's excited. Usually chasing Gracie around the house with hopes of pulling her hair. The movie Happy Feet mesmerizes him. He loves to be sung to, and loves to play with musical instruments. I love to sit and think about what his future is going to be like. I have such high hopes for him. He's amazing and deserves everything he could ever dream up. I will teach him to dream big!

Tomorrow is not only his birthday, but it is also the Buddy Walk. How cool is that? Couldn't be any more perfect! Then we have another birthday party to go to in the afternoon! Sunday, we will celebrate his Mini Monster birthday bash! He has lots of friends coming over for pizza, cup cakes & a bouncy house!! It's sure to be a good time!!

Happy Birthday my little Bubba! I love you so much!!
-Your smitten Momma!


Auntie Carrie said...

Ok....were u bound to make me cry by the end of today?!?!lol I can't handle much more after the 'dollar store story!':) I'm such a proud Auntie (and Bestie)! I can't believe he's 2 either! He's a perfect little Monster as u r a perfect Momma!:) C ya tomorrow bright & early w/ur latte in hand!;)

Jen said...

Have a wonderful weekend and happy birthday Jake!!! Oh how he reminds me so much of my Tyson..from the first rough two years to the pulling of his sister's hair!! Maybe they can be pen pals in the years to come- enjoy your weekend-