Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back to where I started...

I originally started this blog to be about our adventures with Jake. And wow, was that first 15+ months a adventure. We had our up's, down's, did that really just happen's...and so much more. Best of all, we got to be a family. In our home, all 4 of us, doing family things together. In 2010 we only had 2 hospital visits (one locally and only for a few days just for pro cautionary reasons), and the other was a planned surgery that went very well. It's hard to fathom that the years can be so different. But they were very different! At some point during the last year (I'm not sure when it happened), I was able to let go of that "waiting for the ball to drop" feeling, & just live. Accept the up's and down's for what they were worth & live. We have no medical issues on the horizon, just growth. Growth in more ways than just the physical. I have a lot of, for lack of better words, mental growth to do as well. I would like to think that I have fully accepted Jake as being different, but I'm not sure I have. I can honestly say, I would have him no other way. In that aspect, I have fully accepted. There are things that I still can not wrap my head around. His future. All aspects of his future. Will he be accepted, will he have a childhood BFF, will he play sports or be a musical master mind. Will he ever live on his own & will he ever fall in love. Will he ever stop destroying things...sorry, that was one of those thoughts that was in my head, that came out thru my fingers. I know these are things that we think about daily with our typical kids too, but it's on a whole new level with Jake. With Gracie, we know these things will happen if & when she chooses. We expect them to happen & we expect that she makes the most of her life with a little guidance from us. With Jake, it's hard to, again, wrap my head around what we should expect from him and what realistic hopes and dreams are for him. With all that said, I hope to make 2011 the year of mental growth...for myself.

It's only the 1st day of the new year & here is what we have in store...
*First off, my brother got married today...CONGRATULATIONS to Shawn & Nina!
*We are taking another family vacation (this time with the grandparents) to Florida to see my brother's retirements ceremony from the Navy. He will have served for 20 years!
*I am helping plan a benefit with our local Down Syndrome Group that will happen on May 14th! It is called Glitz & Glam, stepping up for Down Syndrome. It's going to be fabulous! I'm so excited to be a part of such an amazing organization!
*Gracie will start kindergarten & Jake will move from the Developmental Center to the school district.
*We have our normal little "mini vacations" thru out the year too.
So, here is to a busy, happy, healthy, & productive 2011!
Happy New Year!!


Jen said...

Oh how the tears came to my eyes- I have also accepted Tyson for who he is but is so concerned for his future and acceptance to society.. I still have a hard time thinking of how we almost lost him a year ago..(i always wondered how you dealt with that) and I still feel sad that he has DS but never sad when I'm with him b/c he makes me laugh and smile 24/7-
would love to know sometime what type of schooling Jake is in or is getting moved too- This will be the year Tyson could start school and I am sick about it!!! Happy New Year!

Jen said...

ok so this is gonna be quick b/c I just wrote you a long email and my battery died before I sent it! Is the center that Jake is in now for kids with disabilities? Right now Tyson is home with me so all of his therapy is at home- speech and ot weekly- pt and developmental therapy twice a month. We don't have any centers from birth-3 years old other than daycare centers. He can go to a preschool at 3 (ugghhhh!) for children w/ disabilitites, but it's not at our public schools- they would pick him up in a van and the school is about 15miles away(I'm about to throw up!!!) The reg preschools around here have welcomed him w/ open arms along w/ my daughter's kindergarten teacher.
Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia,Pa has a down syndrome clinic. They will look over his history(we'll be there all day just for that!) and be evaluated by specialists,,pt,ot- I like the fact that these dctrs deal with just DS kids so they can hopefully help him with certain issues he needs help on...mainly speech at this point. I am so anxious to go.
I just asked by husband tonite how far away Washington is-hee hee ROADTRIP!!!! we both love reality tv(watcing some now as we speak, dancing, and have the best little "bad" boys! Keep in touch and feel free to email my personal address- it's on my blog-

Cindy said...

I don't know if you are this way, but sometimes I start forming my comment as I'm reading the post. :)

I re-read a few times, the part where you ask, 'Will he play sports or be a musical mastermind or have a bff...?' and I had to smile. I remember having those questions and concerns when Beth was little but now, they just don't seem that important. I mean, sure we all need friends. But none of my kids are into sports. None of my kids are musical master minds. I think you might be surprised as Jake grows up how he's just one of the kids; the kids at school; the kids in the neighborhood. Offer him the opportunities to do extracurricular activites, but you may find it's not as scary or hard or as different as you're expecting!