Monday, January 25, 2010

Better here than Seattle

Yes, we are back in the hospital...but in the Tri Cities. Jake came down with bronchitis a few days ago, was doing ok with it, but last night he started feeling really icky. He didn't sleep all night, and I couldn't figure out why. I took him to his doctor this morning and turns out he has a ear infection on top of the chest junk. He is also running a low grade fever. So with all this combined, his doctor thought it would be best to have him spend a few days at Kadlec. I have to be honest and say that I am a bit relieved this time. He had a really tough night last night & I was a little nervous about putting him to bed and going to my own room. But I did...sort of. He was up about every half hour. Anyway, we are here...Jake is doing ok. Nothing horrible, just more for precautionary reasons more than anything.

After getting some Tylenol & antibiotics (for the ear infection) in the little guy, he took a long nap this after noon. He was pretty fussy when he woke up...then he pooped...and pooped...and pooped...and pooped. Dramatic you say? NO...he pooped 4 times! Then he sat up in his bed and started playing with his toys like nothing was going on!! Geezz...if we could cure the world's illnesses with a few good poops...! LOL! Anyway, The point of us being here is to watch his respirtory rate, keep his fevers down, and get rid of the ear infection. Right now, he is resting comfortably, let's hope for a nice night! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!