Monday, January 18, 2010

Sleep is overrated...right?

I am having so much fun with my blog...sleep doesn't seem to be a real big priority right now! I just found a great addition that I will slowly be adding to my blog called MckLinky! It's a site that has lots of cool things to add to your blog. I originally started this blog as "therapy", like old school journal writing, but for the whole world to see. In my first note I said that I started this blog because I wanted to share how our family "starts over" after 16 months of craziness. Part of my fresh start is learning to be a little more domesticated. Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to be June Cleaver/Martha Stewart...but would be nice to learn to oh I don't know cook! I LOVE to bake & will bake anything at anytime of day or night. Cooking is a whole other ball game for me! On tomorrows menu...Pizza baked on the BBQ! It's not actually a new recipe for me, but I'm still trying to perfect it...tomorrow I'll post pics and the recipe!

Oh, and the sleep being overrated also applies to Zach...he just got a Playstation 3 today. He couldn't text his friends fast enough to tell them the exciting news...he can now join them on Tuesday night game night! Oh boy...what have I started?! The PS3 was a gift from the kids and I for all the long hour and hard work he put in on our house. I probably should have waited until the last piece of trim was put back and learn!

Now to figure out a way to get Jake's story on my blog in a organized way!


SMR9912 said...

What a cute idea! I can already see the book on the shevles "Special with needs!" I love it and I love your perspective :)