Sunday, June 5, 2011

The great escapee

In the past few months Jake has had a few good jumps in growth. He's still a itsy bitsy little guy (wearing 18-24 month cloths at 2 1/2 years old), but he's getting taller & taller. He's a smart little booger too. He has figured out that if he wants to get things off the kitchen counters...empty a drawer, climb in it and WHA LA...everything is at his reach! He has also (somehow) figured out how to get out the front screen door! Twice in the last week I have turned my back (how dare I...I know), and there he is...half way down the drive way making a run for the open road! And there is another gray hair. safety locks go on the upper drawers, and the front screen door will be locked at all times! And to up the ante a little...we got him a sweet little Velcro ID bracelet from Vital Id! Only $15 after shipping...totally worth the piece of mind. Now to see if I can get him to wear it! Wish us luck!!


Becky said...

I have a tiny little girl too...she just turned four and is barely out of 2T! They are smart little buggers too...good luck with the ID band wearing!:)