Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ID Bracelet

So excited to get this in the mail today! It's Jake's ID bracelet (cool boy style)! I'm loving it! It has a little water proof tab that slips right under the Velcro in a little pocket that I put his name, birthday, my name & phone number and Zach's name & phone number. And on the back I can list allergies, medications and other info! LOVE IT!! Now to get him to wear it! If you have a little escapee (Jennifer), ya might want to look into these!! Could be well worth the $15!!


Jen said...

that is a great idea- are our boys twins or what? wis we lived closer so we could give each other a hand- the big joke around here is when I ask my friends to babysit they reply"as long as it's not Tyson!"