Friday, October 15, 2010


Do I really still have any? I can't believe I have not put a new post on in 12 days! That's just madness!

Our week has been crazy busy, but packed with lots of good things. For what ever reason it seems like Jake has had tons of therapy or classes in the last week. He is doing one of his little motor skills/ verbal skills switch ups right now. He's mastered this walking stuff and is even starting to run a little. We are working on getting him to kick a ball...sometimes it's done on purpose, sometimes it just looks that way! But his vocabulary is really starting to turn on! He's starting to sound a little less cavemanish and a little more todderish. He's starting to repeat words and sounds. Again, not so much on purpose, but they do come out every once in a while. The other day at feeding group he said APPLE plain as day! It was beautiful! And his range of sounds are really starting to broaden! Ahh, I'm a happy momma with this little monster lately. Oh, and speaking of monsters, we will be going on a hunt for DRAWER LOCKS today. Enough said.

Gracie has also made some big changes in her own little way. Her transformation from preschool last year to pre k this year is amazing. It's pretty incredible how much difference a year of maturity makes! Since I last posted I got to work in her class room for a day, then we went to the pumpkin patch with her class a few days later. Ahh, it's that time of year. We decorated for Halloween a little, and finally decided that she will be a Happy Witch for Halloween this year. It's just a witch...who is happy! She came up with that all on her own! LOL.

Last night, I met up with some fabulous ladies from our Down Syndrome group for a woman's group craft night. It was great. Hung out with some good friends, met some new friends, and chatted with friends I don't see too often. We had lots of tasty foods, wine, and the hot glue was flowing! That's my kind of night! I think I did at one point turn into a crafting drill sargent though. It just happens sometimes. Sorry.

Today we are off...TO FIND DRAWER LOCKS, get Zach a birthday present, and maybe finish up Gracie's Happy Witch costume. It's the first time all week the little box on our calender has nothing it! I'll take it! Then tomorrow we will go back to the pumpkin patch for family day with Grandma & Grandpa & maybe a few friends as well. Sunday we will celebrate Zach's b day, and Sunday evening he will leave for another long hunting trip! You may not hear from me for awhile again! I promise to surface every once in a while to let you all know my head is above water still!!


Jen said...

I still follow you!!! Check out my post for monday oct 18th- you won an award!!!!