Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where to start

I have been running myself in 27 different directions for about the last 3 weeks with birthday parties, girlfriends weekend, everyday life...but then the flu jumped into my life and took over. Interesting when we can't tell ourselves, "you have too much on your plate", that your body does it for you! Guess we have to be told to stop somehow right?! I just wish mine didn't come with 104 degree temps, chills, and the lovely body aches!

Ok, so back to where my 27 directions have taken me. Well, maybe not 27, but a lot! I showed off some of Nicole's 18th birthday party decorations that I worked on. That was tons of fun! The very next day we went to our mini BFF's pirate birthday party. Happy 6th Birthday Roman! Then we had the Buddy Walk, & Jake's mini monster birthday party!! Two totally amazing events that make me so grateful to be part of this community, friendships, & family. Ahh the love we felt last weekend. It couldn't have been better!! I have no pictures to share right now (again, thank you Jake for pulling mom's camera off the counter)...I'm not bitter..., but Auntie has lots & as soon as I can get them from her...I'll post! We were just recovering from the birthday extravaganza, when BOOM, momma gets the flu! Knocked down, in bed for 3 days...dead to the world. Thank God, I got over it enough to travel to the Oregon coast with my girlfriends for our annual girls trip! Well, I was sort of over it. The first 2 days were a little rough, but my friends are not scared of a little flu bug! LOL, there were more antibiotics, antibacterial gels, soaps, & wipes, in that car than most hospitals keep on hand!! Not to mention the econo size bottles of Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Mucinex & Delsym! And then you could always go with the good ol' theory of "enough hard alcohol will kill anything"...I didn't test that theory! But the Malibu Rum was flowing nicely in our room! I did manage to perk up about midway thru the weekend and got a little shopping, eating, and dancing in! Had a few walks on the beach & laughed so hard I might have pee'd my pants...a little. Really, just a little. I will soon post pictures of that too! Not of me peeing my pants, but of my friends weekend!


Jen said...

hope no one else in your fam got the flu....
looking forward to b-day pics and "girls gone wild pics!"