Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's been a while...

Let me introduce myself...HI, I'M JULIE...I like to wait for a really long time to make blog posts and then post all the pictures I have (good & bad) all at one time. Just in case my readers are not annoyed enough with me!! Oh, and I got a hair cut...see...

Like my title says, It's been a while. Let me fill you in...

This is my handsome little man Jake. No reason for this picture, other than he's so stinking cute, how could I not post it!

Moving on...
September 25th (yes, I'm going that far back) was our local Buddy Walk! We had a huge turn out & it was a amazing showing of support in our community! This was Jake's sign on the walking path. It was last years picture, but still a cute one!
Two of my besties...Auntie Carrie & Auntie Patty.
This is how Jake chose to do the Buddy Walk.
Good thing he got all that rest, because the very next day we had his 2nd birthday party!
Jake's birthday cup cakes. He had a Mini Monsters birthday party!
Goodie bags...
Because he is one...Auntie Carrie thought he needed the shirt that said so!
He got is first birthday $!!
He LOVED his bouncy house!
Sweet little Lexi wouldn't miss her little boyfriend's birthday for anything!!
Two of my life long besties showed up too!! This is Tara & Shannon (both with baby boys on board), and little Ms. Chloe!
And the VERY next weekend after the Buddy Walk, and Jake's birthday...
Seaside, Oregon may never be the same again!
So, my parents have a very close relationship with our kids. They spend a lot of time together & never say no, when asked to watch the I see why...
I guess child labor laws down apply at Grandma and Grandpa's house. And kids are cheap for their labor...Gold Fish Crackers on the kitchen floor!
Those pictures are too funny not to share. And last but not least...Last weekend we went (with our besties) to the Seahawks game in Seattle!
Here we are...cheeze'n from our seats...way up high!!

But before the game...we went bar shopping. Yes, you read that right, we went bar shopping!

The end! I'll try to post a little more often!


Anonymous said...

Love this needed to catch us up! PS love the hair cut too! :) xoxo Andrea

Auntie Carrie said...

OMG...where do I start?!? First of all I luv Mr Jakey in his 'button up!' Too cute! Luv Brandi and her sexy hat pose!lol And not to mention the last pics....we look soaked! O wait it was pouring!lol We were!;) So much fun we had! btw, luv that pic of Lexi too;) pretty little Princess! Shes so excited to c ya'll tomorrow!:)

Jen said...

love all the pics...his cupcakes were the best-
looks like you had fun on girls weekend...2 weeks I'll be doing the same
Tyson actually has on pj's from carter's and the hat was from Children's Place-just a casual night of rockin out