Monday, May 24, 2010

More random-ness

I'm still trying to get over this allergy/head cold so I choose to believe that random-ness is a word, and it's spelled...just like that!

Gracie had her end of the year time at the park with her classmates. She had so much fun. Here are a few pics of that. Only 3 days left of school. You know your kids are young when you are more excited for school to be out than they are!!
So, all the kids that have summer birthdays, got to celebrate their birthday at the park! They got cool little hats, a sticker, a little certificate, and a ice cream cup...I can't get over how totally unimpressed the kids were about this! Too funny!
On Saturday the "Girlfriends" had a yard sale. Crazy huge success!! We ended up with $850! Watch out for us! And thank you to our husbands for forking over your old Play stations, rims, 1 piece ski suits (lol) may not get to see any of the money, but you have very happy wives now!! So from now until we go on our "Girlfriends" weekend in October we will use our fun money to things! We already had dinner & drinks always taste better! Here are a few pics from our yard sale. Oh, and YES, my yard sale signs were fabulous! They had glitter on them!! Somehow, I didn't get any pics of them! :(
Yes, we have sweet matching shirts...Zach, digging for goods to be sold!
Roman even found a "must have" item!! That will be .50 little boy! LOL

And last, we leave on Thursday to take Jake back to Seattle to have his post op appointment for his stomach surgery and to meet the new ENT. I'll have to post about that after this weekend!!

Oh, and forgot these pics were on my camera...Gracie getting her sweet ride ready for the summer. She's already been cruising with the neighbor boys.


Carrie said...

Super cute pics friend! I got a pic of the sign...I'll have to send it to u! We rock!!;)
I'll come visit before u leave for Seattle!:)

Liz said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It's super wonderful news Jake did well on his swallow test! Really glad that went well! Love the new pics and bravo on the yard sale! I would so love to do a yard sale because I've been giving away all my baby stuff (it's amazing how much baby stuff we accummalate and dollars we spend...) so bravo! :)

Andrea said...

I want to have a yard sale! Do you and your girl friends really pull the money made together and go out with it? What a great idea! You have been busy!

Our life...special with needs! said...

Andrea, YES we do use it just for us!! LOL! So far we have gone to a nice dinner & drinks. We are planning on a spa weekend, and a trip to Seattle for a weekend! Then in October we go to Seaside, Or. for 4 days! It's so much fun!! If there is any money left by October it will probably get used for gas, drinks, food, drinks, pedi's, see where this is going?!