Wednesday, May 5, 2010


is BORING! And that is what our lives have become...lately! I have been wanting to make some posts to my blog, but I'm feeling kind of boring! Go figure. I'm going in 100 different directions, and have tons of things going on...but nothing that I feel is blog worthy. LOL. I'll work on that for ya. Ha ha. So, here is what we have coming up...that might make the blog...

1. Jake sees his cardiologist next week for his 6 month follow up from heart surgery (done in July...oops, a little behind...what can I say, we have been enjoying life w/o doctors).

2. I have our 2nd meeting for our (unnamed) benefit planned for next year! Yahhhh!!

Oh, and here are a few little things I have been working on for Gracie's b day June. She is having a Garden Tea Party! So sweet!!

These "poms" are so easy!! Just tissue paper and curling ribbon. They are my test run for the ones I am planning on making for her party! I will probably jazz hers up with some bright colors, some fancy ribbon, and oh...I don't know, maybe some GLITTER! I do love glitter!!

This little espresso set tea party set will be perfect for the party!

But a little plain Jane...hmm...

Ah ha! Paint markers! Perfect! Here are a few that I have finished! LOVE THEM!!

And after lunch today, we will make our Mother's day gifts for Grandma!! Pictures, messy, messy, pictures to come!!


the three wise menn said...

I LOVE boring. When people ask what's new and I can say nothing. Everything has been great and we have no new appointments, news, illnesses, and whatever else it makes me happy. Don't apalogize for boring...when life is boring it means it is going well. :) Enjoy your boring!


Josette said...

Omg I love the tea set. What a great idea. You are so creative.

Carrie said...

Love it Friend!! U r sooo crafty! So if u need 'someone' to 'watch' ur 'craftiness'....give a friend a call!;)lol

Candice said...

Wow!! Those look amazing. Good job!

Anonymous said...

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