Friday, May 21, 2010

Quick & Dirty...

Jake had a swallow study done on Wednesday.
He rocked it.
He's a big boy now and no longer needs his liquids thickened!! !
Whoop whoop!

We are having a yard sale tomorrow morning.
I should be in bed.
I made Yard Sale signs...with glitter on them.
My husband called me a retard.
I forgot to tell him that "retard" is not a term we use anymore.
They are hot.
I will have my camera out tomorrow, I'm sure it will be a "must share" event!

Gracie's last week of school is next week.
Where has the year gone?
Looking forward to not having to rush out of the house every morning.
Not looking forward to not having 1 less kid everyday for 2 hours.

We go to Seattle on Thursday.
We will have a stomach surgery follow up & meet the new ENT.
Stomach follow up, no biggie...ENT, dreading a little.


And that's my bunch of random thoughts for the night!
Peace out...home slice.