Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yahh For Summer

I love summer. Especially this summer! We have so many fun things planned...I can't wait to get started!
Gracie had her preschool graduation. It was the cutest thing ever! For those of you who have never had a child "graduate" from preschool (in our case...back into preschool for another year)...I know what you are thinking..."ya ya big deal". I used to think the same thing...before I had a child "graduate". It's not so much that it's a big deal, as it's so stinking cute!! And so totally amazing how much that little person can learn in 1 year. It is the cutest thing ever to watch your 5 year old stand in front of a bunch of adults and feel so proud of herself for knowing all the nursery rhymes & songs...and in between each song, still being a little girl and twirling around in her beautiful dress...because she can, and because that's what you do when wearing a beautiful twirl!
"Little Jake Horner...."

Twirl break!!

Checking each other out in their caps & gowns!

Congratulations Gracie!!

Gracie & her preschool BFF, Kendall! Can't wait to take this picture again in about 13 years!

So proud of herself!! It was her day!!

After Gracie's graduation we all piled into our car and drove to Seattle for Jake's appointments. My kids are rock star travelers. No DVD players (although it would have been nice), no major melt downs, just the Backyardagains soundtrack on repeat, a few books, the Leapster and the new Pet Pals game, and some naps. Easy 3+ hour ride. The next day we met with Jake's stomach surgeon who said he looks great & said he no longer needs to see him. Then we talked about Disney World for about 10 minutes. Dr. Gow just returned from Disney World with his family a few weeks ago!

Then we met the new ENT. He seemed very mellow, easy going, not quick to cut...just and nice relaxed doctor with an amazing bedside manor! LOVE IT! We decided that Jake would have another sleep study at the end of the summer to see if he is still having a large amount of apneic episodes and to see if his oxygen levels (O2) go down at night. If he is still having a large amount of apneic episodes, we will go forward with removing his tonsils and adenoids in August (surgery is scheduled in August), if not, the surgery will be canceled and we will bring up the idea of removing them after he is 3 years old. He said he does not like to do surgery on toddlers under 3, unless there are major issues that need to be taken care of before 3. If his O2 levels are still dropping at night (they shouldn't be...they were not dropping while he was in the hospital, in theory they should be just fine while he is healthy), then he will have to go back on oxygen at night. So all in all, it was a great trip. We get our summer free of oxygen tank, tubes, and tape, no doctors appointments, and only a few weeks of therapy. We love our therapist, they are doing AMAZING things (if you guys read this...THANK YOU), but it will be nice to have our days of doing...what ever we want, with nowhere to be!! Hello summer!!

Oh, and we go to Florida in 22 days. Not that I'm counting down or anything! I can't wait to squeeze my little Delana (my 4 year old niece), make some tasty dinners & have glasses of wine with my big brother, and maybe a little sight seeing with Nina (my brothers bride to be)! I am so super excited to take our 3 little ones (my 2 & my niece) to Disney World...yes, I must love the chaos to take 3 kids under the age of 6 to Disney in June! But most of all, I can not wait to spend a little time with my love on our little vacation within our vacation. We are going to take off for a day and night at St Augustine. It will be some much needed adult time. Can't wait!

So...the next order of business...Gracie's 5th birthday party!!


Liz said...

Hi Julie! Just reading your post about Jake's sleep study & possible tonsilectomy. Caleb had a sleep study done and this is my conclusion: Seriously?! They think they can get a successful sleep study on a TODDLER? Ours was inconclusive... Caleb moved around too much and woke up almost every hour because the tech had to reconnect a wire. Our pediatrician thought it was a good idea to go ahead with the tonsilectomy... (Caleb had chronic sore/strep throats and colds) He had it done June last year, at just over 2 years old, and although it was a rough week post surgery, he did fine. I'm sorry it's been such a hard couple of days when you initially thought you were in the clear for the summer. I have no idea if anything I just told you helps you at all, but I thought it might ease your mind a little knowing we've been through it, too. I'll be thinking of you and Jake!