Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some call it a problem...

I prefer to call it "Crafters High"! While we were out of town last weekend my new Cricut cartridge came! Even better...I kind of forgot I ordered it! LOL! I bought Mini Monsters to do Jake's birthday invitations and decorations! It's going to be so much fun. But I got all twitterpated (Zach cringes when I use that word), a sort of crafters head rush if you will! The room started spinning, I started to drown out the sounds of the little people running amok in my house, breath Julie, breath! Ahhh...Dr. Pepper STAT! Ok, I'm better now! See, I just can't help myself sometimes! So here is what came of my little high for tonight!

Jake's birthday party invitations

YES, I did spell check...after I had already cut and
pasted this on! It's fixed...I don't need it pointed out...
I know you want to...don't!

These little Mini Monsters will be cup cake toppers,
napkin rings, whatever else I can figure out what
to do with them! They just might be everywhere!

I just can't get enough of these little goodie bags!
I will make them in lots of different fun colors!

So here is where my "problem" comes in. When I get
in crafting mode...I tend to block out the rest of the world.
Not such a good thing when there are 3 little people running
thru the house on what seems to be a nice little sugar high!
So give them a big bag of Mega blocks and see what happens!

And it still looks like that!

And because my kitchen table looks like this...

Those little people also ate their dinner in the play
room tonight!

"No you can't play Mickey Mouse Club House,
mommy is very busy doing very important things
with the computer"...or my crafts are creeping over
to other parts of the house now...

For those of you that know Jake, you know his birthday is at the end of September. Yes, I tend to get a little over excited about my birthday parties, and yes I do work on them way longer than I should...but this time there is a good explanation! Watch me try and justify...Jake goes in for surgery in less than 2 weeks. Which means we get to hang out at Seattle Children's again for an unknown amount of time...again. I thought I was over the anxiety of having to go back...but I'm not. I don't know if I ever will be. Sometimes I think that place is a little too good. They always seem to find things...even when we are not looking for them. This is supposed to be a easy surgery, and home in 4-6 days. We will see. So, my plan is to keep myself busy while we are there. I am going to make all his invitations and decorations! See, I've cut out all the itsy bitsy little pieces and neatly put them in very organized little baggies!

This is as far as I've gotten worries, there will be
much more to come!

Zach, if you are reading this...we need more baggies!
Nighty night friends...sweet crafting dreams!


Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Love the invitations! Wish we could come to your cool parties!! I will be thinking of you during Jake's surgery- No matter how easy of a surgery it is, it still is nerve racking. Seems as though our little men's first year of life was hard and mentally draining for you and I so I totally get the feeling of going back into the hospital for anything.Ugghhh!

Auntie Carrie said...

O Friend....I still giggle over the txt u sent me when u were on this crafting high!!lol In fact, I read it to one of my girlfriends at work too!lol
These invites r so super cute!!! I can't wait for the party!:) What's the bday boy gonna wear?....or did I just create a whole 'new' frenzy?!?lol C u in a little while!

Our life...special with needs! said...

I think the bubs is going to wear a t shirt with a big 2 on it!

Auntie Carrie said...

Aw, Cute!:)