Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Surgery Recovery

The ET tube (breathing tube) came out around 5:00pm...and STAYED OUT! Yahh! He did so good the 2nd time around! As soon as they took it out, he rolled over on his tummy and went right back to sleep! Then woke back up at 11:00pm...to watch Happy Feet...again. I have a feeling it's going to be a L O N G night. If you don't see much blogging/texting tomorrow...I'm napping!


heidi marie said...

glad recovery is going well!

Krista Schei said...

thinking of you, my dear... thinking of you when i wake in the middle of the night to the kiddos telling me they had a bad dream -- its not just you! we're ALL awake in the night! love you.

Krista Schei said...

i meant that as a support to you -- its a 'team thing'... ;) have a good night. give jakey a kiss for me!