Monday, August 30, 2010

Surgery (update)

Jake's surgery went very well. It lasted all of about 15 minutes! The surgeon came out and said that his tonsils were very large, his adenoids...not so much. Which was why it went so quick. There wasn't much to take care of in the adenoids department! He said sometimes he wonders if taking the tonsils and/or adenoids out will really help, but in Jake's case he has good reason to believe there will be some positive changes. That's always good news to hear.

His recovery so far has not been as easy as we had hoped, but nothing to be worried about. Jake woke up PISSED that he had a tube in his throat...and put on his boxing gloves! He gave those doctors a run for their money. But in the process his throat swelled up a little. It could be from his fighting & it could just be from the surgery. Either way, extubation didn't work the first time. So they brought him up to the ICU reintubated and VERY sedated. The plan for today is to bring him down off the sedation, steroids to help the swelling go down, and having him breathing on his own with the tube still in before they pull the tube again. They are hoping to try that later on this afternoon. So for now, we are just hanging out in the room...playing on the Internet, maybe catch a quick nap. I'll update again when something new happens!!


Auntie Carrie said...

I'm glad I'm reading this now and that I know he's made alot of progress since!;) When u were telling me about it earlier I was wondering y they didn't 'test' his breathing before they extubated him the 1st time!?! Sounds like they did the 2nd time around! O well...he showed them....'don't mess w/a Little Monster!';)