Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things that come to an end...

We have had a fantastic summer. Jake stayed completely healthy!! My girls & I had a yard sale. We played water hop scotch. We went to lots of birthday parties, and had one of our own. We took our 1st real family vacation to Disney World (and Typhoon Lagoon, and the beach in Jacksonville). Delana spent the summer with us. We had picnics at the park with Roman, Lexi, & Auntie Carrie. Zach & I had a few date nights and got to spend a day on the river for they hydro races, and even got to take a overnight trip to Seattle with some of our besties! Jake started 22 months! We went to the Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, then we rode on ferry boats. Aunt Kacie got married. Gracie was the flower girl. She loved it. What's left...The county fair! I used to LOVE going to our little county fair when I was younger. I think I love it even more with kids! So today, we (with our besties) will go to the fair for kids day! And tomorrow, while Zach is at work (sorry love), the kids and I will go back to the fair with Grandma & Grandpa!! Ted Nugent will be playing. Grandpa is all sorts of excited about this! So, here are some pictures of our summer!

Gracie is 5!

Girls Trip Yard Sale!

Outdoor movie night

Jacksonville, Fl

Disney World

Mmmm...S'mores in the backyard

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle
My beautiful little flower girl
Friends that tan together...

Dance together!

Oh, and Jakey got his 1st girlfriend...and...

Ahh Summer!!


Auntie Carrie said...

OMG...OMG....OMG.....I am laughing hysterically at my lil Jakeys 1st kiss!!! How did I miss that?!? It must have been when I took the girls to the bathrm! That pic is priceless! She sure did lay a smacker on him didn't she?!?

natenjaimi said...

I too love those pictures of Jake! Sooo precious! And the picture of you and Gracie at the wedding, gorgeous!

Krista Schei said...

Love these pics -- especially Gracie walking out of the water like a bikini model! Oh my goodness! So awesome... love your family.