Monday, March 8, 2010

Apparently a few of you out there are in need of some kind of "Jakey update", so I'll fill ya in on what's he is doing right about now...

*He will be 18 months old in 16 days. Last week, he weighed 19.4 lbs.
*He has 7 teeth in and is working on his 8th.
*He eats EVERYTHING. And signs & says something that sounds like "more". He screams when he is done.
*He drinks from a sippy cup and can eat off a fork, if something is placed on it.
*He knows about 10-15 signs, most of which he uses. The only words he really says verbally is Dada and Momma.
*He just learned to sit up on his own from a lying position. He is seconds away from crawling.
*He can pull himself up to a standing position from a sitting position, but has not figured out how to get back down...without a bump on the head.
*He now takes baths in the bath tub with sister...and loves to splash and scream.
*He sleeps thru the night..yeahh!
*He can still be calmed by singing Twinkle twinkle little star...I thought that would have worn off by now.
*He LOVES to hug and snuggle strangers. Anyone. Today, it was the sales lady at Hallmark. Last week, the Wal Mart greeter.
*He and Gracie have a secret sibling contest to see who can make a bigger mess in the smallest amount of time. It's a tie.


Auntie said...

Love these pics of him! I didn't get enough Jakey therapy this morning at coffee! We'll have to get together again this week!:)

roweboat said...

OMgosh, this last picture, he is practicing his pick up skills, isn't he?