Friday, March 5, 2010

Still here...

Sorry for the lack of blogging the last few days, but oddly enough...WE HAVE NOTHING GOING ON! Well, nothing really worth blogging about anyway! Here is what we have been up to...

Zach & I started the Dave Ramsey budget. It's been...ok. Interesting to listen to, not too bad to set up, nothing real life shattering. It did make us realize how much money we unnecessarily spend though.

In June we are going to Florida to spend 9 days with my brother, niece, and his girlfriend. We are excited to spend a few days at Disney World. We think Gracie is going to be at the perfect age!! Zach & I are also planning on leaving the kids for a night and heading out on our own. After our last year and a half, mommy & daddy need a little down time!

Gracie just came down with Croup last night...if you read my blog often, you will remember Jake had it about a week ago. Hmmm... But she seems to feel good during the day for the most part.

Jake is nice and healthy! It still feels odd to say that! I had him weighed this week & he is almost at 20 lb!! 19.4 to be exact! YES, my 17 month old boy is under 20 lbs. There WILL be cake when he hits 20 lbs!!

There has been talk (not by me) of getting a bunny. Shawn (my brother) and I had a bunny once...then we had it for dinner. Short version of a terribly traumatic, heart breaking story of a girl and a boy, and their pet was cold outside, my mom thought putting a knitted blanket in it's cage would be a good idea, the bunny ate the blanket...died. Dad cooked the bunny up. End of story! So remind me again why I might want my kids to have a bunny?! LOL...Just kidding mom & dad! I really honestly don't remember anymore than having a bunny, then we didn't! But it's fun to poke at you! I found Gracie a chocolate bunny at the store today...she promptly bit the head off...hmmm. LOL

Have a good weekend everyone!


Auntie Carrie said...

Funny...I had a bunny too! His name was Sniffles! I can't even remember what happened to him! Is that bad?!?:/
I think u should get a bunny, then my kiddos can 'visit' it and then we won't 'have' to get one!;)

Our life...special with needs! said...

How about we can time share the bunny. We will take it spring and summer, you can have it fall and winter!! Your house can smell like bunny poop!! LOL!