Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you Wednesday

Oh, today was a much better day. But I do have to say, I did wake up and thought to myself, "a year ago today....". Geezz, I can't wait for that feeling/thought to stop being my first thought of the day. Maybe tomorrow! I had to laugh at my own blog today. I noticed that I have a few new "followers", so I went to their sites to read about them, to find one that has a son with DS & another son with Jake's exact name. Too cool! Found another that adopted a child with some major medical issues, & couldn't be happier to have that little girl in their life. And not sure what the 3rd is about, because it is blocked up, but I'm sure I'll be reading it soon. Anyway, after reading thru the 2 blogs, I decided to go back and read bits and pieces of my own blog. I started with Jake's story. I got about 5 sentences into it and busted up laughing. I laughed about the part where I hid Jake's hands in his blanket to hide his flaw! LOL, if only life were that easy! If we could hide our flaws under a blanket and nobody would see! And even funnier, NOW I put Jake out there for everyone to see! I want everyone to see him, smile at him, pinch his chubby little cheeks. I want everyone to know that having a child with Down Syndrome isn't the end of the world, it isn't a sad situation that needs an "I'm sorry" attached to it, it's anything but those things. We, as parents of a child with DS are so blessed to have these little guys. We get to live, laugh, love (as much as I HATE that saying) something that not everyone gets to experience...not even for a day. So for me, putting Jake out there for everyone to see...well, it's my way of bragging. And I'm owning it! There it is!

Oh, and thank you to my new followers...I love that people are actually reading my blog! ;)


the three wise menn said...

I meant to leave you a comment last night, but I think I read for so long that I ended up just going to bed. :) All of my friends like to read blogs about cool recipes, and artsy pictures. I like blogs with families walking through life with a kiddo with special needs. I can relate to them. We know the pain and longing of being anywhere other than Holland, and we know the joy of loving every day we are given because the future is not promised. Thanks for writing and sharing your life.


Farfromtheshore said...

sorry didn't realize it was blocked :-)

Our life...special with needs! said...

LOL, Andrea...I do that all the time! I'm glad you like my blog. I try to put a little of everything on it. A little family, a little crafts, a little food...but that's pretty much just my life. So really it IS all about my life! ;)