Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You know it's Spring Break when...

Breakfast time meets craft time! This doesn't happen often in our house. We are usually shoveling food into our mouths to get out the door A.S.A.P. Gracie & Lizzie Kippie were in heaven...
Making a spy glass!

See, Gracie & Lizzie's Kippie's spy glass.What's with all the cross outs ? Well first, Gracie doesn't usually name her "friends". But today was special,...and she couldn't decide what to name him her it. Second, I just learned how to cross out and I think it's super fun!

Oh, and this is Lizzie Kippie. If you remember, he she it has been with us for a while now. Remember...

There he she it is. Keeping Jake company in the ICU at Children's.
And what was Jake up to while all this crafting was going on?

He was enjoying a little Tigger and Pooh!
Happy Spring Break Friends!