Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeling a little sheepish

Remember a few posts ago how I was talking about waiting for that ball to drop again? It hasn't...don't worry! For the last few days Jake has been feeling less than stellar. My normally happy, go lucky little boy has done nothing but scream and whimper for at least the last 48 hours. He quit taking his "like clock work" naps during the day, and is up every few hours at night. My first thought was that he was teething, but after 3 days of constant misery and massive amounts of Tylenol and teething tablets I finally gave up and took him to his doctor. Zach and I were pretty sure he had a ear infection. A ear infection was the only thing we could come up with as to why he was SO cranky. He's had them once before and acted the same way...only at the time we didn't know he had them. So I took Jake in to see his doctor today, only to be told that his ears looked great...he's cutting lots of big teeth! You can imagine my mixed feelings on this! Felt a little stupid, but VERY there isn't anything wrong. So that HUGE ball that I keep waiting to getting smaller by the doctor visit!


Carrie said...

So glad it's just teeth! Maybe lots all at once! Poor little one! If you need a break...Aunties only a call away!:)